Mariana Gertz

Speech Language Pathologist


Mariana is a compassionate and highly dedicated speech-language pathologist (SLP) who possesses an unwavering commitment to helping individuals find their voice and overcome communication challenges. Her journey in the field began in 2018 when she started as a Speech-Language Pathology Assistant (SLPA). She recently received her master’s degree in communication Disorders at Emerson College. Her professional experience spans across diverse settings, including home health, where she worked with both children and adults, helping them improve their communication skills in the comfort of their own surroundings. Her professional passions encompass early intervention, feeding therapy, and AAC. Mariana continues to pursue her dreams of making a positive impact on the lives of others through her compassionate and innovative approach to speech-language pathology, empowering her clients to communicate effectively and lead fulfilling lives. Outside of her professional life, Mariana cherishes spending quality time with her husband, daughter, and furry friends – dogs, cats, and bunnies. She loves to hike, travel, reading, and crafting.