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Positive Reinforcement

It can be easier to identify stressful moments or bad behaviors when it comes to parenting. In these moments, we tend to respond emotionally and highlight what we do not want to happen. Using positive reinforcement and changing your view with these quick tips can help reduce these moments and teach your child what they should be doing. Read on and start finding the good in big and small moments!


  • Celebrate everything you want your child to do even if they already do it. Doing this let’s your child know they are doing something correct and celebrating in a way your child prefers can lead to it occurring more often. Start out slow by telling your child something good they’re doing 1x an hour.
  • Instead of telling them what is wrong, tell them what to do. Doing this teaches your child how to respond in the future. It is very important that as soon as they behave correctly or attempt to you let them know they’re doing a good job.
  • Let them know what happens when they make good choices. This can be done two ways:
    1. Consistently reward them when they make good choices through praise, stickers on a sticker chart, or another personalized reward.
    2. Tell them what they can earn if they make good choices and how to earn. For better results try letting your child contribute to creating this system or picking the reward.


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